Myth: Chiropractic treatment involves cracking my spine.

Fact: One part of Chiropractic treatment involves applying quick, precise pressure to the joint, which creates a cracking or a popping noise. This is called an adjustment. The popping noise doesn’t come from your bones, but from the release of a gas bubble when two joints are separated. This is just like when you pop your knuckles, or you scrunch up your toes first thing in the morning.

Myth: No one should use so much pressure on my spine…that can’t be right.

Fact: The adjustment does not involve a great deal of force. Skill, positioning, speed, and timing are more important than force.

Myth: I heard that cracking your joints can cause arthritis?

Fact: There is no reason to think there is a connection. In fact, an adjustment increases mobility, reduces pressure on the joints, muscles, and nerves, and allows the spine to return to a natural position and movement.