About The Doctor

Dr. Stewart has empathy for those in pain, partly due to his own experience. He suffered with back pain from the time he was 16 years old until his 30’s. He went from expert to expert (chiropractors, MD’s, Physical Therapists, Massage etc), traveling all over the country. He now uses what he has learned to help his patients, so that they can get the help that he spent so much time searching for. Due to his own chronic pain experience, it is his passion to spend the time to get to the bottom of problems that others have missed.

Formal Education

Doctor Stewart Graduated with honors from Eureka College in 1999 and was named the top student in social sciences division. After graduating he worked 2.5 years as a police officer 3rd shift while going to school during the day to obtain prerequisites for his medical training. In 2005 he graduated Suma Cum Laude from Palmer College and began practicing. He practiced in Hammond Indiana for 2 years before opening the Spine Institute of Schererville in 2007.

Additional Training

Dr. Stewart’s training did not end with his schooling and what he learned (from various experts) in a effort to heal his own pain. He is thoroughly educated through post graduate training in the very latest healing techniques. In fact, he has taken at least double the amount of continuing education credits required every year since he has graduated in an effort to stay at the forefront in respect to healing technology and techniques. This training has led to proficiency in the latest techniques in the following forms of Medical Rehab.

Chiropractic Adjusting techniques: Koren Specific technique, Neuro integration technique, Impulse instrument adjusting technique, advanced proficiency in Activator methods and Bio Energetic Synchronization technique. Also proficient and uses a few older traditional adjusting techniques such as Cox Flexion Distraction, Gonstead, Diversified and Palmer Package as needed.
Neurologic Techniques: Completed all Quantum neurology seminars (Motor rehab, Sensory rehab, organ rehab and allergy and muscle elongation) twice and is eligible to become Quantum Neurologist once case studies are submitted. He is a Registered Trigenics Functional Neurology Practitioner. Also completed basic and advanced laserology (using low level lasers to restore proper neurology) course work with Dr. Jerome Brucha put on by Erchonia laser.

Physical Therapy: Board Certified in Physiotherapy. Trigenics: passed all course work to become Registered Trigenics Practioner, Active Release Technique (spine, upper and lower extremities). Proficient using Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM pro 2) machine and (passed live seminar and web training). Doctor also uses Mckenzie exercises and latest stabilization exercise recommendations by Stuart McGill

Decompression Therapy: Certified Decompression Therapy Practitioner (Kennedy Decompression Technique).
Cold Laser training with Erchonia laser (basic and advanced) and Gonzales Rehabilitation Technique.