Actual Patients

A lot of people think their condition is too severe and have a hard time believing anyone can fix them. Other people have already tried to get help from multiple therapists and doctors with very little results and are discouraged. We have successfully treated many people like that over the years (in fact this is my favorite group of people to treat). In fact, the majority of the patents we treat have either severe and or chronic pain (had pain for years). I have posted some of the experiences of my patients here starting with examples of patients that thought they had tried everything and were ready to give up. The rest of the conditions are posted alphabetically so click on your particular problem and find out what other people with your condition experienced at our office.

Tried multiple other therapists and Doctors

My lower back pain was very intense (10/10) from throwing it out shoveling and a horse accident 8 years ago. Upper back and neck was 8/10 from car accident. Neck and upper back pain mostly gone and lower back pain is down to a 2/10. I have tried multiple doctors and therapies before this and I would recommend Dr. Stewart.

Kelly Yarvis 5-31-13 Valparaiso, IN

I had pain in my neck that kept coming back. I had gone to several other chiropractors, but the pain kept coming back until I tried Dr. Stewart. Now I am pain free and can move my neck easily without pain.

Andrea Clubb 11-28-11 Schererville, IN

I came to Dr. Stewart because of a chronic lower back and shoulder problem. On a 0-10 scale my pain was severe (8-10/10). In the middle of treatment I also hurt my neck (10/10 severe pain with that one). My neck pain was gone within a couple visits. My back pain is gone and my shoulder is also pain free now. I had received a lot of treatment for these issues from other therapists and doctors before coming to the Spine Institute without much success at all. Dr. Stewart has accomplished what several others could not.

Joe Cigler 3-3-12 Schererville, IN

I had back pain 8/10 that started about a year ago. I had been going to another chiropractor for several months and spent several thousand dollars trying to fix it. My friend recommended Dr. Stewart and after just a few weeks with Dr. Stewart I feel 98% better.

Tim H Stiener 4-25-13 Crown Point, IN

Personal Injury (motor vehicle accident)

I had severe neck and lower back pain after a car accident. I am now able to work again without any pain. Dr. Stewart helped me tremendously!

Lashaun D. Carter Gary, IN 3-25-13

Five fractured bones on the right leg, plate and six screws, extraordinary pain. I started walking without crutches after 6-8 sessions, pain disappeared about the same time. I am back in my roofing business! They could not believe I was walking without crutches on my first follow up with the surgeon. I would definitely recommend the spine institute of Schererville.

Shora Stozinic 6-17-12 Munster, IN

Pinched nerve in neck/pain and numbness into arm/hand)

I came in with neck pain and pain running down my left arm. The pain disappeared after 10 visits involving cold laser and cervical decompression the pain disappeared and my range of motion increased considerably. Dr. Stewart was caring and thorough in his treatments and manner.

Jim Balko R.Ph. Crown Point, IN

When I first to the spine institute of Schererville I had lower back pain and intense neck pain that radiated into my right arm and shoulder. I also had thumb and index finger stiffness in the left hand. All of my problems were resolved due to the treatment I received. I would recommend anyone experiencing any type of pain to see Dr. Stewart.

Carolyn Nantais 9-5-13 Morocco, IN

knee and hip problems

My name is Tammie Rowen I came to Dr. Stewart with a lot of pain in my neck due to degenerating disc in my neck. After several weeks of taking medications, anything was worth trying to relieve my pain. He has helped me so much through my visits with him. My pain is gone. I take no more medications. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has problems due to spine or disc degeneration. Thank you Dr. Stewart!

Knee and Hip problems

I came to the Spine Institute of Schererville with low back pain and intense neck pain with turning. In just 3 visits my pain is gone. Amazing!!! I also had an issue with my knees that I did not think could be improved, and he fixed it on the first visit. I can completely straighten out my knee again. I will definitely recommend Dr. Stewart. He is also very kind and informative!

Kay Smith 10-09-14 Saint John, IN

I had severe low back pain they fixed that as well as hip and knee pain I had been having. Everything feels great now!

George Lucas 7-31-14 Sauk Village, IL

Frozen shoulder

I had bad lower back pain that would come and go and have had continuous chronic low grade back pain for years. I also had a frozen shoulder I thought I was going to have surgery on. I am now doing very good and would recommend Dr. Stewart.

Jerry Mills 12-22-14 Dyer, IN

I am getting treatment for Frozen Shoulders at the Spine Institute of Schererville. They are both doing better a lot more range of motion and a lot less pain.

Shaw Collins 3-17-12 Crown Point, IN

Herniated disk

A car accident caused a herniated disc in my lower back and my neck. I had severe pain, both of them were 9/10-10/10 pain. Now I feel great! I can get back to my regular routine including vigorous workouts and be pain free afterwards. I would definitely recommend the Spine Institute of Schererville to my friends and family and have already done so.

Andrea M. Burns 12-11-14 Schererville, IN

Due to a bulging disc I had severe 10/10 pain and had a hard time functioning. Now I am 95% well and I walk without pain.

Joyce Santaguida 2-28-12 Dyer, IN

Low back pain (Chronic and/or severe)

I had thrown my back out at work. On the scale of 1-10 it was a definite 9.5 plus. After the 1st visit, I couldn’t believe how much better it was. After the 3rd visit I would say that it was the best my back had felt in years. He was a far different Doctor than I had gone to in the past, and now, I’ll never go to any other chiro. A hundred times over, thank you Dr. Stewart

Douglas K. Milner 9-26-12 Atchison, KS (in town working at BP)

I was recovering from 8-9/10 lower back pain and now my pain level is a zero. I have already asked my wife to come in regarding her back pain.

Frank Mosca 11/13/14 Schererville, IN

After sudden onset of severe lower back pain I had to just lie flat due to the pain. After going to the Spine Institute of Schererville my back pain is completely gone. I feel as though I can do anything but will continue to be cautious and do the recommended exercises.

Jeffrey C. Clemens 3-25-13 Merrillville, IN

Low back pain

There’s nothing mysterious about chiropractic. It’s a natural method of health care that focuses on treating the causes of physical problems, rather than just treating the symptoms. Chiropractic is based on a simple but powerful premise. With a normally functioning spine and healthy nerve system, your body is better able to heal itself. That’s because your spine is the lifeline of your nervous system. It controls feeling, movement, and all function through your body.

Neck pain and Headaches

I first called Dr. Stewart’s office on a Saturday afternoon expecting to leave a voice mail. He stayed late and got me in that day. I had been having intense head aches and neck pain. Those pains all resolved. I recommended my wife and son come in and they also got good results from his practice. Thanks to Dr. Stewart and Amy, I currently feel great.

Wayne Marovich 12-28-11 Saint John, IN

Lower back pain 10 ++ and neck pain and headaches 8-9/10. I now have no pain in my lower back and the head aches are gone. Able to sleep through the night. Headaches are gone so I am able to work all day. I would definitely recommend Dr. Stewart

Jonathen Smith 3-26-12 Cedar Lake, IN

I had terrible vertigo and headaches my mom recommended I see Dr. Stewart. I no longer have any vertigo. I would recommend this office to anyone experiencing neck pain and or vertigo.

Janell Eriks 9-19-13 Dyer, IN

I had bad neck and back pain 8 out 10 pain level. My pain is level is now 0. I can lift over 50 lbs. without a back brace. Living without pain. I strongly recommend Dr. Stewart to friends and family.

Raymond Allen 9-17-14 Portage, IN

Pinched nerve in low back causing sciatic pain down leg

Pain in range of 10+ in hip, legs and lower back. I am now pain free. Thanks Doc

Sam Savich 12-17-13 Hobart, IN

My sciatic nerve was bad, could not walk sometimes because of it. I can now get out of bed and no pain in back or hip and leg. I would recommend this chiropractor.

Danny Sexton 8-30-13 Hammond, IN

I came to the Spine Institute of Schererville with severe low back pain that radiated down my leg. I would rate my pain 10/10. I now feel better I have become more active since coming than the last 2-3 months and I’m walking daily for exercise. Dr. Stewart was amazing!!! I most certainly recommend anyone with pain comes to see Dr. Stewart.

Joyce Price 6-6-13 Hammond, IN

I was unable to even put my socks on due to severe pain in my back and hip. I am now pain free and he even fixed my neck pain. If you need a good doctor I would recommend Dr. Stewart.

George Fage 6-17-13 St. John, IN

Severe Shoulder Pain

I came to the spine institute of Schererville with neck, low back and right shoulder pain. They were all severe 10/10 pain. Now pain is gone I feel good and am back to doing things I did before I had any pain.

Robert Schumann 6-21-14 Saint John, IN

After a fall I was experiencing intense lower back and shoulder pain. I could not do much due to the pain. I am now active again with no pain. I would recommend Dr. Stewart.

Samantha Howes 6-7-13 St. John, IN

When I first came in I had 9/10 Hip pain and 8/10 shoulder pain. My hip pain is gone and the shoulder pain is down to a 3/10. We are still working on it but I would recommend the Spine Institute of Schererville to anybody who is in pain.

Annisa Baily Merrillville, IN

Spinal Stenosis

I came in to see Dr. Stewart with severe low back pain and numbness shooting into my shoulder and hand due to spinal stenosis. I now am pain free and have all the feeling back in my hand. The strength in my legs that was lost due to spinal issues came back as well. I recommend Dr. Stewart.

Edward Helfers Dyer, IN

Pain Pretty Much Everywhere

I used to have severe pain in my neck, mid back and hip and also had pain in arms in legs. I came to the Spine Institute and Holy Cow! I can sleep, use my arms, walk, my headaches are gone. I am thinking more clearly and my back is awesome. It’s so nice to be out of pain.

Cindy L. Kensey 9-25-13 Valparaiso, IN

The pain/ what pain? Every day I look for the pain to come back but it has not!! For years I have had hip-knee-arm-neck-back pain, well I will put my money on and with Dr. Stewart. After 2 treatments I started to feel better and after four, pain was gone. I am telling my story to all the guys and ladies, also passing out his cards on my own. I want to help and let my peers know how wonderful I feel. I am 76 and feel 56!

Jack Barton Beecher, IL

I could not make through the winters without steroids and multiple pain medications and I still had a hard time walking and staying in any prolonged positions. Now I am off steroids down to my regular weight and can move a lot more than I ever could. He is a miracle worker. His bed side manner is wonderful and his staff are great. I cannot give them enough accolades to express how grateful I am.

Lisa Lucas 12-16-13 Merrillville, IN